Radwaste Management School, the delivery of online training has started

20 March 2020

In this difficult moment for the country, in order to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we had to modify or change the way we work. Nonetheless Sogin Group is committed to keep on offering the corporate population with a qualified training, taking advantage of the opportunities enabled by technology.

Therefore, the Radwaste Management School has reorganized its training offer, providing online courses to people who are carrying out their duties in smart working.

On Friday 20 March the first 6 training courses started: safety culture in complex socio-technological systems; basic radiation protection; decommissioning and radioactive waste management; legal aspects of the nuclear sector; culture of digital security as a new asset; nuclear security in the hybrid threat era.

These courses will engage classes of adult learners, for about 2 hours every day, in dedicated virtual rooms . For each session, a moderator will support the teacher to facilitate the lesson.

The Radwaste Management School's e-learning courses, along with smart working, represent two tools that, even during the Covid-19 emergency, allow us to pursue our goals, to strengthen our qualified know-how and to consolidate professional skills of the Group.

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