Remediation of industrial sites

Cutting-edge techniques for decontaminating industrial sites


Bonifica siti industriali

Petrolchemical, chemical, Oil & Gas industries

Nucleco offers safe, effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for the management of materials containing naturally occurring radionuclides, NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials) and TENORM (Technically Enhanced Normally Occurring Radioactive Materials) from the petrochemical, Oil and Gas, mining-extraction and fertilizer production industries.

In this area, the Company provides the following services:
- Studies and baseline surveys;
- Planning;
- Advice;
- On-the-job training;
- Research and development in NORM and TENORM;
- Risk management;
- Remediation of facilities and sites;
- Radiological monitoring;
- Treatment, storage and disposal;
- Emergency interventions.

Metallurgy and heavy industry

Nucleco possesses the skills, technology and tools to intervene in a variety of plants, such as industrial production environments, naval and construction sites, hospitals, manufacturing plants and steel mills, to carry out remediation and decontamination services.

The following services are offered:

- Planning and management of projects;
- Analysis and monitoring;
- Characterization;
- Decontamination of spaces dedicated to the processing or fusion of radioactive materials and on-site remediation;
- Licensing and management of the transport and treatment of radioactive waste from plants with the aim of reducing their volume, even at an international level;
- Management, including in emergency situations, of discovered contaminated sources or other materials;
- Training and advice in the field of radiation protection. ​