Integrated Service, Italy

From 1986 - today

Under a specific agreement with ENEA, Nucleco is the national operator entrusted with managing low and intermediate level radioactive waste from the medical and health sector and from scientific and technological research.

The goal is to provide an "Integrated Service” that encompasses the collection of such waste from where it is kept/produced and its characterization, treatment, conditioning and safe storage in Nucleco’s temporary repositories.


European Union, Kosovo

2014 - 2015

As part of the EU project “EC-IPA-PROJECT for KOSOVO - Support to Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety”, Nucleco oversaw a review of the radioactive waste inventory in Kosovo and created a record of radioactive sources and waste for the Nuclear Agency of Kosovo (KAPRPNS).


Ministry of Health, Italy

1985 - 2010

Nucleco arranged for the collection, packaging and handling of radiferous preparations up until their containment in their repositories.

The operation was part of the campaign launched in the eighties by the Ministry of Health for the withdrawal of all preparations used for cancer care held by various hospitals throughout the country.