Social Responsibility

Aware of the importance of human resources as added value towards the achievement of its mission, Nucleco incorporates within its business strategy continued commitment to social responsibility issues, as well as compliance with its Code of Ethics​.

This commitment has led to the adoption of a Social Responsibility Policy and a related Management System compliant with the voluntary international standard Social Accountability 8000 (more information about SA8000).

Key objectives pursued by the company include: protecting human rights and workers; providing healthy and proper workplaces; creating a serene and cooperative work environment; safeguarding contractors’ and subcontractors’ employees; and raising awareness on business ethics.

For a constant improvement of its social responsibility performance, Nucleco has established a special body, the Social Performance Team (SPT), consisting of:
  • Management Representative for SA8000,
  • Social Responsibility Management System Officer  
  • Employees’ Representatives for SA8000 (RLSA) .

Employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders who have dealings with Nucleco for whatever reason may submit suggestions and/or report information on application of the SA8000:2014 standard to:​.

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