Tioxide Europe, Scarlino (Grosseto, Italy)


Applying innovative radiological characterization techniques, Nucleco determined the radiological status of certain metallic tanks, the level of contamination and the type of natural radionuclide (TENORM) present.

Nucleco then decontaminated them by removing the contaminated hard rubber coating.

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Syndial-ENI Group, Gela Refinery (Caltanissetta, Italy)

2009 - 2011

Nucleco carried out a feasibility study, including cost analysis, and radiological characterization for the decommissioning of a plant that produced phosphoric acid at the Gela refinery.


ENI, Porto Marghera (Venice, Italy)

2000 - 2001

Nucleco carried out the characterization and subsequent remediation of a phosphoric acid plant contaminated with NORM in the port of Marghera.

Its operations focused on the demolition of the plant and the accompanying remediation of areas, environmental monitoring with relevant analyses performed in a laboratory set up at the site and the removal of leachable materials.


AGIP (Caviaga – Lodi, Italy)

1994 - 1995

Nucleco conducted a study for AGIP on decontamination techniques, preventive and corrective measures and training to prevent the deposition of NORM.

In particular, the study was carried out on drilling pipes contaminated by deposits of radium-226 salts and other radio-isotopes in the uranium family. The analysis demonstrated the technological feasibility of decontaminating the pipes through the use of a high-pressure closed water circuit.