NATO Support Procurement Agency (NSPA), “Punta della contessa” Shooting Range (Brindisi, Italy)

2017 - today 

Nucleco won a contract with the NATO Support Procurement Agency (NSPA) for radiological and environmental remediation at the “Punta della contessa” Shooting Range in Brindisi. 

The activities will include a conventional survey to detect possible unexploded devices as well as radiological surveys, demolition of buildings, asbestos removal and, finally, the management, collection, transportation, recycling and disposal of the waste encountered. The areas to be cleaned-up are part of a National Interest Site for about 6 hectares on both ground and sea. The contract has a value of 1.24 million euros and the work is expected to be completed by 2018.

Latina (Latina, Italy) nuclear power plant

2015 - 2016

Nucleco is currently involved in the removal and characterization of man-made waste.

The stages of the work cycle include preliminary characterization of the areas and materials present, taking representative samples, radiometric controls for unconditional removal, waste management and monitoring of the areas.


Bosco Marengo (Alessandria, Italy) nuclear fuel fabrication plant

2015 - 2016

Nucleco is involved in radiometric surveys and investigations aimed at the remediation of a large area of land. Specialized personnel are on-site to take samples of soil and, with their own mobile laboratory, to perform chemical and radiochemical analysis in order to free the area from radiological constraints.


Prefecture of Milan (Italy)


On behalf of the Prefecture, Nucleco carried out a joint intervention with ARPA Lombardia, the Fire Department and A.S.L. Milano for the containment of the premises of a company where radioactive sources had been found in electrophysical equipment.

The operation involved: shielding the premises, measuring the amount of radiation and removing and packaging the sources in lead-lined polyethylene bags. Finally, the premises were released, free from radiological constraints.


Government commissioner, Bussi sul Tirino (Pescara, Italy)

2015 - 2017

Nucleco was involved in the containment of a production site in Bussi sul Tirino. In particular, the project focused on the reindustrialization of the area through the elimination of any possible source of secondary pollution.

Nucleco will also provide a period of assistance in monitoring the area after its release.


Municipality of Brescia, Piccinelli former quarry (Brescia, Italy)


Nucleco removed waste contaminated with caesium-137 from inside a former warehouse in the Piccinelli former quarry, after having sealed the area.

During these operations, Nucleco oversaw radiometric inspections of internal buildings, the mapping of radioactive substances, the collection of waste and its packaging in 220 litre drums, radiometric measurements and spectrometric analysis.


Prefecture of Campobasso, Castelmauro (Campobasso, Italy)


In the historic centre of the City of Castelmauro, Nucleco oversaw the remediation and containment of premises in which drums containing radioactive waste were stored.

The waste was removed and transported to Nucleco for treatment.

Radiological monitoring and characterization operations were carried out for the remediation and subsequent release of the area.