Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 March 2020: Sogin Group is responsible for continuing to guarantee the safety of Italian nuclear sites

23 March 2020

Sunday 22 March 2020 was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic no. 76 the new Prime Ministerial Decree which provides further urgent measures for the entire national territory regarding the containment and management of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency.

The Decree provides for the suspension of all industrial and commercial activities, with the exception of those indicated in Annex 1, including the activities of Sogin Group (Ateco codes 38 and 39) aimed at guaranteeing, even during the Covid- 19 outbreak, the safety of Italian nuclear sites in decommissioning, to protect citizens' health and to ensure environment protection.

Sogin Group has already adopted all the anti-contagion measures envisaged in the protocol of 14 March 2020 and is committed, while ensuring its operational continuity, to protect the health of its workers.

Pubblished: 23 march 2020

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