COVID-19, Sogin Group engaged in the sterilization of the Piacenza Hospital

16 April 2020

An operational collaboration has been started between Sogin Group, the company responsible for the safe maintenance and decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants, and the Local Health Unit of Piacenza, for the sterilization of the "Guglielmo da Saliceto" hospital's premises.

Until 30 June 2020, four teams of Sogin Group, each composed of two technicians of chemistry and health physics, will be engaged in environmental sterilization activities, for a total of over 700 hours of operation. With their voluntary participation in this initiative, the workers of the Group are committed in the forefront of the fight against the outbreak, with the Local Health Unit and the Civil Protection, in supporting the social and health workers of Piacenza hospital.

The work consists in the sterilization of rooms, already sanitized, through the use of atomizers supplied by the Local Health Unit of Piacenza, which, by spreading a combined substance of hydrogen peroxide and silver salts in the air, eliminate the possible presence of the virus in the environment.

With this new project continues the concrete commitment of the Company that, in recent days, has donated, in the territories in which it is present, different quantities of protective material (surgical masks, tyvek suits, overshoes and gloves) for those who are facing the Covid-19 emergency.

Sogin's commitment, expressed through these initiatives, is accompanied by a video message of encouragement to the social and health workers, published on the Youtube channel.


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