Nucleco also joins Valore D

21 July 2020

With Nucleco's membership in July 2020, the Sogin Group is included in the network of the Valore D association, of which Sogin has also been a member since 2018.

Valore D involves more than 200 national and international companies committed to diversity and inclusion to foster comparison, sharing good business practices, and dialogue with institutions. Becoming part of the Valore D network allows you to benefit from a wide range of initiatives aimed at member companies, including meetings and training courses, inter-company mentorship programs, best practice sharing workshops and WebWorkshops.

In the last three years, Sogin has participated in numerous training and development initiatives organized by Valore D: cross-company mentor and mentee paths lasting around 6 months; development paths aimed at Young and Middle Managers; exclusive development paths for Senior "Smart" Managers; sharing lab. In addition, following the Covid-19 emergency, several discussion days on the theme #iolavorodacasa have been promoted by Valore D.

Nucleco also has the opportunity to take advantage of these initiatives, which it has immediately grasped, identifying a cross-company mentor and mentee path and activating three development paths, respectively Young, Middle Manager, and Senior Smart Manager.

Associazione Valore D

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