Presented the Sogin Group's industrial Plan 2020-2025

11 September 2020

E' Today the Industrial Plan 2020-2025 of the Sogin Group was illustrated to the press.

The strategic objectives of the Plan are :
  • The improvement of performance in the core business, through a new organizational model;
  • The generation of value for the Country system, aimed at protecting the environment and health through industrial processes based on the principles of sustainability and circular economy;
  • The maintenance of the supervision of competencies for the construction and operation of the National Repository and Technology Park;
  • The supervision of the Sogin Group in the decommissioning sector through the enhancement of skills with a high technical profile.

During the Plan, Sogin will make progress in decommissioning for over EUR 900 million, with a peak of activity in 2022-2023 due to the dismantling of the reactors of the Trino and Garigliano power plants and the construction of the Cemex Complex in Saluggia. This planning will enable the achievement of the objectives set out in the new Whole Life Plan, leading to an increase in the average value of assets from the EUR 62 million recorded in 2013-2019 to EUR 151 million over the Plan period (+144%).

The Company has outlined a new organizational model that optimizes the coordination mechanisms between the various corporate functions and enhances roles and responsibilities to achieve the objectives. Through a strengthening of the Radwaste Management School, personnel skills will also be expanded to support the future evolution of also decommissioning at an international level.

The commitment of the Sogin Group to technological innovation is growing. In fact, the Plan outlines a digitalization process aimed at optimizing management and industrial processes with a view to Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the experience gained, Sogin operates abroad in 17 countries in nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management activities, with a portfolio of around 700 clients in the last 5 years. The opportunities that will arise in the international market of the sector, with the closure of dozens of power plants in the coming years, represent an opportunity for growth for the decommissioning activities that the Group carries out for third parties.

"The new Industrial Plan of the Sogin Group - said the Chief Executive Officer, Emanuele Fontani - aims to improve our performance in nuclear decommissioning and to integrate the principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability in our industrial and production processes, with a view to circular economy and enhancement of the distinctive skills of the Group. This Plan will also enable us to increase our presence at the country's service in the decommissioning and environmental redevelopment sectors. I am certain," concluded Emanuele Fontani, "that the men and women of Sogin, highly qualified technicians, will be able to respond with professionalism and determination to the challenges that await us in the coming years.”.

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