EWWR 2020: the Sogin Group webinar on innovation and sustainable waste management

25 November 2020

The webinar entitled "Innovation for the sustainable management of radioactive waste", promoted by Sogin Group on the occasion of th2 2020 European Week for Waste Reduction - EWWR, dedicated to the theme "Invisible waste", took place today.

The Workshop delved into the innovative management of waste, one of the most relevant areas of the circular economy, as it allows to explore new solutions for sustainable development. The webinar's focus was the role of innovation, realized in the ecosystem of Italian innovative start-ups and SMEs, in managing and reducing the "burden" of waste. In the case of radioactive waste, i.e., waste that emits radioactivity, which by its very nature is invisible, odourless, and tasteless, burden refers to its volume.

Eleonora Faina, General Director of Anitec-Assinform of Confindustria, attended the event and presented an insight on the policies and actions for the digitization of our country. Francesco Lamaro, Project Manager of Infoedge Technology, deepened the technological solutions in waste management, focusing on decentralized systems and blockchain. Marco Farina, Project Manager for the Evaluation and Development of A2A Ambiente projects, told his Company's experience in innovative waste management.

For Sogin, the speakers were Flaviano Bruno, Head of Radwaste Management and Nuclear Materials, who illustrated the strategies for managing radioactive waste and implementing the IT Radioactive Objects Management System (AIGOR), and Federica Pancotti, Head of Technological Innovation. She represented the asset of technological innovation in managing radioactive waste abroad and the contribution of the Group to European programs in the sector.

The webinar ended with the institutional greetings of Enrico Zio, Board Member of Sogin and Professor at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano and MINES ParisTech.

With this initiative, for the third consecutive year, Sogin Group confirms its role as Action Developer of the European Environmental Communication Campaign (EWWR), now in its 12th edition.

The recording of the webinar is available on our Youtube channel, SoginChannel.​​



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