Renewed the BoD of Nucleco, Luca Cittadini was appointed as new CEO, Nadia Cherubini confirmed as Chairman

24 June 2021

The Shareholders' Meeting of Nucleco, the Sogin Group company leader in Italy in managing radioactive waste and the decontamination and remediation of nuclear plants and industrial sites, yesterday appointed the new Board of Directors for the three years 2021 - 2023.

Nadia Cherubini was confirmed as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Luca Cittadini and Marco Pagano were appointed as Directors. The new Board of Directors, which met on the same day, appointed Luca Cittadini as Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Nucleco.

Graduated in Economics, Luca Cittadini began his professional career in the Enel Group. At the end of 2000, he left Enel to join Sogin, the state company responsible for dismantling Italian nuclear plants and radioactive waste management and carry out the National Repository- Technology Park siting, construction, and management.

He was involved in business organization, finance, planning and management control, covering roles of increasing responsibility in Sogin. Since 2016, he has held the position of Director of Administration, Finance, Control of the Company. Since 2020 he has extended his responsibilities to Industrial Safety and Information and Communication Technology.

The Chairman, Luigi Perri, and the CEO of Sogin, Emanuele Fontani, thank the outgoing CEO of Nucleco, Lamberto D'Andrea, and his Board of Directors for the excellent service rendered during his term of office and wish good work to the newly installed Board of Directors.​



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