Sogin and Nucleco at Remtech 2021

27 September 2021

Once again, this year, the Sogin Group took part in RemTech Expo 2021, the annual event specializing in the remediation of contaminated sites and the protection and requalification of the territory, which was held in mixed mode from 20 to 24 September in Ferrara. The event, now in its fifteenth edition, was attended by private companies, public bodies, universities and research centres, associations, professionals and industry.

With a stand at the fair Sogin and Nucleco, the event was an opportunity to tell the experience of the Group also participating in two events in presence.

On Thursday 23 September, at the conference "Technologies for the remediation of contaminated land: innovative technologies, best practices, and sustainable management," Francesco Troiani, Director of Development and Technological Innovation at Sogin, spoke about the transfer of nuclear know-how to the conventional sector and Giordano Di Luzio, Head of Program Management Centre and Remediation at Nucleco, presented the environmental restoration of the former firing range at Punta della Contessa (Brindisi).

On Friday 24 September, the Sogin's CEO, Emanuele Fontani, spoke at the Round Table organized by the Extraordinary Commissioner for the reclamation of illegal landfills, entitled "The use of reclaimed land to prevent land consumption", telling about the fruitful collaboration that the Company has started with the Commissioner, and introduced the following speech by Nucleco Manager Di Luzio.

Among the digital events, on Monday, 20 September, Sogin took part in the webinar organized by the Italian Association of Radiation Protection (AIRP) entitled "CNAPI Charter: meaning, problems and prospects", introduced by the President of the Association Mauro Magnoni. Fabio Chiaravalli, Director of National Deposit and Technological Park, spoke for Sogin, with experts from ISIN and Arpa Piemonte.

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