Nucleco, 2015 financial statements approved

07 April 2016

The Meeting of Shareholders of Sogin Group's company Nucleco has approved, at the proposal of the Board of Directors, the financial statements for 2015, which closed with a production value of around 33.3 million euro. Thanks to the commitment of all its staff, Nucleco has consequently achieved the best results in terms of production value since it was first established, with an increase of 33.7% over 2014, while maintaining an average growth of 26.7% over the last three year period.

Careful cost control and optimization of resources have enabled an increase in EBITDA (equal to 5.2 million euro) of 11.7% over 2014. Net invested capital increased, reaching a value of 14.3 million euro at the end of 2015. The value of the company's ROE stood at 33.8%. Net profit amounted to 2.9 million euro, an increase of 17.2% over 2014. The Company has 214 members of staff (+16,8% over 2014). It favours direct recruitment and staff qualified through special training programmes. In December 2015, Nucleco's Environmental Management System was certified under the UNI ISO 14001 standard.

This year, Nucleco has undertaken work that forms part of the nuclear plant decommissioning programme conducted by Sogin. The most significant and complex operations involved the removal of the Waste A and B tanks at the Casaccia plant and the characterization and decontamination of the suppression pool under the reactor vessel at the Caorso plant.

In the first half of 2015, Nucleco finished the containment operations at the CESNEF reactor (Nuclear Study Center Enrico Fermi - Milan), completing the remediation and treatment of past waste. In 2015, the Company was also involved in overseas projects. In particular, 2015 saw the completion of operations in Kosovo focused on reviewing the inventory of radioactive waste and sources and on the creation of a record of radioactive waste and sources for the Nuclear Agency of Kosovo. Meanwhile, in Germany service activities continued at the Karlsruhe Institute for Transuranium Elements. Nucleco will develop its business in Belgium where it was awarded, along with the Government Office ONDRAF/NIROND, a tender to carry out assessment studies of the uncertainties associated with radiological characterization at the Belgian geological National Repository.

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