Preliminary market consultations for ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle

17 March 2023

Nucleco has organized a preliminary market consultation with the economic operators in the sector, specialised in the design and construction of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), preferably with previous experience of applications in the nuclear sector, in order to identify the best technical and organisational solution in the specific case of the collection of material samples from the vessel and from the internals of nuclear power plants. 

The main features of the sampling system shall guarantee: 
  • Continuous use under water. 
  • Remote control. 
  • Collection of samples of material (mainly metal), in the form and in the quantity reported in the Technical Performance Specifications developed by the Contracting Authority. 
  • Versatility of use, in different plant configurations (according to the specific peculiarities of the vessels or internals to be sampled). 
  • Use of positioning devices, sensors and durable and reliable construction materials. 
  • Sampling technology that restricts the occurrence of cross-contamination to a minimum. 
  • Decontamination and transportability of the system. 

All economic operators can sent to Nucleco an expression of interest, according to the public notice​

To obtain further details about the notice in question, Nucleco will organise a virtual meeting (webinar) on the Microsoft Teams platform, in a single session on April 04, 2023, with the individual economic operators that have shown their expression of interest. 

The preliminary market consultation will be closed on April 28, 2023.

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