Gruppo Sogin, Iniziata la demolizione della torre idrica della centrale del Garigliano

30 October 2023


Work began today to dismantle the water tower of the Garigliano (Caserta) nuclear power plant, a cylindrical concrete structure that, at 72 metres high, has always characterised the site's skyline. 

Reinforced by four counterforts of decreasing width, at the top of the tower lies the toroid-shaped tank that housed the plant's industrial water, with a capacity of 280 cubic metres. The structure was replaced with a new water supply system, which is functional for the ongoing decommissioning activities. The technique used for demolition is diamond wire cutting, performed with the aid of a crane. The cutting is done from top to bottom and involves the progressive sectioning of the structure into reinforced concrete blocks, each weighing less than 10 tonnes. 

Although it is a conventional building, for dismantling operations Sogin and its subsidiary Nucleco will adopt the same criteria used in the nuclear sector to ensure maximum safety, precision, reduction of generated noise and dust, and the absence of vibrations. 

The demolition of the water tower, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, will produce around 1,900 tonnes of material, of which 1,700 tonnes of concrete and 200 tonnes of metal parts. This is part of the approximately 258,000 tonnes of material that will be generated by the dismantling of the Garigliano power plant and sent for recovery, i.e. 96% of the total amount produced by the decommissioning activities.

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