Closing the nuclear cycle in Italy

In progress 

Nucleco has been operating for years in the decommissioning of power plants and nuclear facilities operated by Sogin. For each of the different plant technologies, Nucleco has carried out important activities while developing specific operative methods.

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Ministry of Defense - CISAM (Centro Interforze Studi Applicazioni Militar), San Piero a Grado (Pisa)

2015 - 2016 

As part of the decommissioning of research reactor RTS-1 "Galileo Galilei", Nucleco was commissioned to carry out the dismantling work of the primary circuit, of the effluent circuits and of the active drainage system and water purification pool.


Politecnico di Milano - CESNEF (Centro Studi Nucleari Enrico Fermi), Milan


Nucleco has conducted the radiological characterization, packaging and safe storage of contaminated materials and the removal of radioactive sources for subsequent decommissioning of the reactor L54M "Enrico Fermi." The reactor is located in the center of Milan, within the Department of Nuclear Energy of the Polytechnic.


ENEA Casaccia Research Center (Rome)

1981- today

The Plant Research Training Isotopes General Atomics (TRIGA RC-1 - built in 1960) is a research reactor used for the training of the operators, for the study of radiopharmaceuticals, for the production of isotopes for medicine and industry. The TAratura PIla Rapida potenza zerO (TAPIRO- production began in 1971) plant is a reactor used for research activities in the field of new generation reactors, for experimentation in nuclear medicine, such as support facility for the training in specialized courses. Nucleco is responsible for the day to day and extraordinary management of radioactive waste produced in these plants and in the various laboratories of the Casaccia Centre with the aim of maintaining the safety standards of the site. In particular, Nucleco performs the collection of solid and liquid radioactive waste, radiological characterization, treatment, conditioning and temporary storage as well as carrying out laboratory analysis, both chemical and radiochemical.